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The Best German Centre Back.

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Can I cry forever?

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since i accidentally got the same real madrid jersey twice (bought one myself, got one as a present) i decided to give one away. i’ve never done this before but it’s my birthday soon and since i’m thankful to all the people who are following me and my stupid blog i thought it was good to do something in return


  • the jersey is size small but it would also fit a size medium (i have size small but it’s a bit too big for me)
  • the print on the back is #23 isco
  • the giveaway will end march 7 (my birthday yay)
  • i’ll ship worldwide (i’ll pay the shipping myself)
  • the winner will also get some random dutch things ex: candy/ souvenirs :)


  • i’m doing this for my followers so if you want to participate you have to be following me!! (i’ll check)
  • you can both like or reblog but reblog gives you a bigger chance of winning
  • you can reblog it as many times as you want
  • important: keep your askbox open so i can contact you if you win

good luck :)

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Brilliant Neymar and Alves goal celebration!

Neymar and Dani’s celebration=greater than my entire life

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110928 UCL FCB v MNC

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